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Other cutting-edge equipment used for your care may include:


Sophisticated ultrasonic machines are used as a miniature, but powerful and quiet, alternative to the air driven dental handpiece in very small spaces where a handpiece could not fit. These ultrasonic units, fitted with diamond-coated tips, are used to remove obstructions from the root canal, to uncover canals to expose them for cleaning, and to prepare the root-end for filling in case microsurgical intervention is indicated.Apex Locator machine

Apex Locators

Electronic monitors with liquid crystal displays are used to measure the length of the root canal and confirm the finding of additional canals. Thus, procedures can be accomplished with greater precision, with fewer x-rays, and in less time!

Negative pressure Irrigation

Antibacterial medications that are used during your treatment are delivered through a special system that ensures complete patient safety and comfort both during and after procedures.

Nickel-titanium Rotary Instruments

Traditional endodontic cleaning instruments are made of stainless steel. The newer nickel-titanium instruments are much more flexible and come in several shapes designed to allow the cleaning of the root canal to be performed in a more efficient manner with less chance of harm to the tooth. These instruments can be used manually or with silent electric drills that eliminate the unpleasant noises of the dental office.

nickel-titanium cleaning instrumentAdvanced Dental Materials

Only the most advanced materials are used, such as Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA), a recently developed filling material that has been shown to be much more biocompatible than previous dental materials. It is employed as a seal during endodontic surgery and repair of damaged roots.

Electronic Records

Our offices employs the latest electronic records systems that ensure the highest levels of patient confidentiality and care.  Your records are always carefully protected and all HIPAA laws are followed closely.

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